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Neo Scale Models Ford Diecast Vehicles, Parts and Accessories

Whether you collect solely Ford models or models from a variety of carmakers, Neo Scale Models Ford diecast vehicles, parts and accessories are available for model collectors of all tastes.

Ford, or, more properly, The Ford Motor Company, hardly needs an introduction, but it is amazing to note that it has achieved its phenomenal level of success in just over a hundred years. Founded, with relatively humble beginnings, in 1903, Ford sold their first Model A in the same year. Things went pretty well from there on for Henry Ford and his new company.

Ford road vehicle models

Ford road vehicles from various years have been replicated by Neo Scale Models in diecast vehicle form. Famous Ford designs have been recreated with care such as the Taunus, Bronco, Thunderbird, Capri, Escort, Mustang and Gran Torino Sport Coupe, to name a few. The colour variations and paintjobs to be found are as varied as the individual designs, from subtle shades to vibrant and bright hues, which will make each particular model stand out in its own way. Collectors of all colour and design preferences will find what they are looking for.

Ford racing car models

In addition to the numerous Neo Scale Model Ford road cars to be found, are a variety of diecast Ford racecars , featuring dynamic racing designs just like their real life big brothers. With interiors and exteriors alike featuring the usual Neo attention to detail, these models have a complete and distinct sporting look which makes them a desirable addition to any collection.

Special editions, stands and unopened boxes

Any Neo designed diecast model Ford is special, but there are particularly desirable editions to look out for. Models can be found with unique features and some even come with display stands . Diecast vehicles that are contained in unopened boxes and in their original packaging are highly sought after.