Mobility/Walking Equipment

Mobility Walking Equipment

Be it due to the natural decline that comes with age, an accident or a disability, it's important to have a wide range of mobility walking equipment available. Such equipment is any kind of device that helps you to move more freely and easily, from simple walking sticks or frames to a power scooter or stair lift.

Walking equipment

Walking equipment can help with rehabilitation if you're recovering from injury. Many people use mobility aids long term to help with disability or permanent mobility problems.

Walking aids for rehabilitation are designed to help users progress and eventually walk unaided, but if complete recovery isn't possible, there is a wide range of walking and mobility equipment available to help you get around independently with confidence.

Walkers and canes

Mobility walkers and canes tend to be useful for people who have trouble with balance and stability. They are available in different materials, and to support different weights, are easy to use and very adaptable.

Tripods and quadrupods are like walking sticks but have a three or four point base. They can be more stable than traditional walking sticks. Some will move or bend depending on how the user's weight sits, adapting to individual postures. They can even come with a seat so that you can take a rest.

Frames and rollators

This type of mobility equipment gives you extra stability and makes it easier to get around if you have balance problems. They come in basic frame models that need to be picked up and moved, as well as rollators, which are wheeled versions of the frame. Some are foldable for easy storage when at home and not needed. Many become so compact that they fit easily into the boots of cars.

Mobility scooters

Mobility scooters are battery operated mobility aids that suit people with very reduced mobility or who are unable to walk far unaided. They are available in many different variations from lightweight portable scooters and models that can be dismantled, to large, quite powerful scooters that can be used on the road.