Salon Scissors & Shears

Yes, Professional Hair Scissors Really Do Make Haircutting Easier

If you've been making-do with kitchen scissors when your hairstyle needs a little trim, you will notice a dramatic difference when you upgrade to professional hairdressing scissors. Quality scissors are better for hair, easier to manoeuvre, and allow for a more precise cut. There's a wide selection of hair scissors at eBay, whether you're looking for a rare pair to augment your tool collection or just want an affordable pair of scissors for trims at home.

What advantages do hairdressing scissors have over other scissors?

Hairdressing scissors are very sharp, which helps you to cut your hair in a straight line. When scissor blades are dull, they push hair to the side as you snip, making strands different lengths. Even with an inexpensive pair of hair scissors, you will notice that cutting is easier. Hairdressing scissors also usually come with a finger rest on the side of one of the loops, which makes the scissors easier to manipulate and helps prevent hand fatigue. High-quality scissors also have features like adjustable tension screws and strong metal that can be re-sharpened. Once you've purchased a pair of hair scissors, avoid using them for other tasks like cutting paper or fabric, as this can permanently damage the blades.

Do you need hair thinning scissors?

Hair thinning scissors have a different blade than traditional scissors, which looks somewhat like a comb. This cuts the hairs at slightly different lengths while maintaining a straight line. Thinning the ends of hair helps blend in layers on long hair and gives a natural shape to short haircuts. Hair thinning scissors make thinning easier, though it's still possible to thin hair by cutting vertically into the ends with a straight pair of scissors.

What are the different shapes of hair scissors?

There are three main shapes to hair scissors, and it's important to choose a style that feels comfortable to avoid hand fatigue. Below is a list of the three shapes with a brief description of their look and purpose:

  • Classic: The two blades are symmetrical and the rings are aligned when the scissors are closed. Choose these for a familiar shape.
  • Offset: The handle area is angled, and the thumb ring is slightly shorter than the finger ring. This is an ergonomic design.
  • Crane: The upper blade is completely straight, and the thumb ring is angled significantly downwards. These scissors follow the curve of your hand and allow you to lower your elbow while cutting.