Backwash Units & Shampoo Bowls

Give Hair a Treat with the Right Backwash Units

Although an unavoidably bulky piece of equipment, backwash units are a must for almost any hair salon. They allow you to wash a customer's hair easily and precisely, while maintaining their comfort and sense of control. eBay offers many units for sale for affordable prices, allowing you to match them to your precise needs and the space your salon has available.

What features will make your customers more comfortable?

Since customers will be leaning back into the sink for a large part of their time in the backwash, a carefully chosen neck space is vital. Since human heads and necks come in so many shapes, it's a good idea to look for a sink whose position can be adjusted, whether for height or width, or even both. A consistent flow of hot water is also important, as is the ability to control water temperature, so think about how easy the tap controls will be to use. On eBay you'll also find inexpensive backwash units that have solid back support to keep your customer comfortable and content.

How can you make your backwash catch the eye?

It's always worth thinking about the colour scheme of your backwash. This will depend to some extent on the style of your salon: one with a funky, laid-back style or that's aimed at kids might do well with bright primary colours. On the other hand, muted shades such as grey and cream will fit nicely with a quieter or more restrained image. If your backwash is going to be visible from the street, you may not want it too eye-catching as people looking in from outside may be uncomfortable for customers.

What extra features can you look for?

Although backwash units tend to look the same at first glance, many have embellishments or additions that can make them more appealing to your customers. Some you can look out for include:

  • Massage units: These vibrating sections of the backwash chair can help to calm and soothe customers, meaning that they can leave your salon feeling relaxed and reinvigorated.
  • Connection options: If you want to install multiple backwashes, you may want to think about linking them. Some units are designed to fit together in straight or L-shaped lines.
  • Adjustable positioning: A reclining backwash chair can really help customers to feel good, even if they're not used to your salon. Look for electrically-operated back and leg rests with fine degrees of control.
  • Non-drip shower heads: To avoid the possibility of a floor covered with water, you may want to consider backwash units that have drip prevention.