Salon Dryers & Steamers

Salon Tables, Chairs and Dryers

If you've got your own beauty salon or barber shop or perhaps looking to set one up from the comfort of your own home, the equipment you use can enhance a customer's overall experience and comfort. From salon tables, chairs and dryers, all are vital pieces of equipment required to run this sort of business.

Salon equipment

There are a number of products available to enhance your beauty salon or hairdressing business. Hair and beauty salon equipment ranges from manicure tables, hydraulic reclining barber chairs, professional hair drying hoods to beauty spa adjustable stools.

Salon or barber chairs are designed to enable you to accommodate people of all heights. These traditional salon or barber chairs usually feature foot operated hydraulic height adjustment controls, so that the customer's head can be easily positioned at a comfortable height by the hair stylist. This is particularly useful for customers with longer hair or children to ensure you can cut their hair from eye level.

Salon chairs stay firmly in place whilst being used because they have a heavy base. To facilitate hair washing and enable the stylist to position their head at different angles, they tip back and forward and can be swivelled through 360 degrees. Salon chairs are often found in a plastic or leather material so that they can be easily wiped clean in between customers, whilst suiting a range of salons styles from modern to elegant.

Manicure tables and pedicure foot rests are designed to swivel and are height adjustable to ensure comfort. Salon manicure tables usually include wipeable padded rests for wrists and a cut out hole with a bowl inside for mixing applications and solutions. They often come with a matching pedicure footrest.

Dryers for salons

Professional freestanding salon dryers for hair styling and hair drying can be an incredibly versatile piece of hair and beauty salon equipment and a useful addition to the salon or even in the home.

As well as drying hair, the salon hair drying hoods can be used when colouring hair, perming and conditioning hair.