Caterham Diecast Car

Caterham Cars are a British based company which make British produced cars. They mostly create variations on a classic sports car design called the Seven, which was originally built by one Colin Chapman in 1957.

They make lightweight cars which cater for all different power requirements, for both the road and the racetrack. Those looking for a diecast Caterham will find detailed scale diecast models of their original and inventive cars, including various versions of their famous Seven models.

Manufacturers of Caterham model cars

Various well respected diecast model manufacturers have made models based on Caterhams distinctive cars. Detailed and high quality models can be found made by companies such as Anson, Kyosho, Matchbox, Norev, Vanguards and many others. Each company has made their own scale recreations of Caterhams such as the Super Seven, Superlight R500 and other classic models.

Caterham racing cars and road cars

Caterham cars built for both the race track and the road have had diecast models made of them. Iconic race cars such as the Lotus-Caterham Super Seven RHD can be found, including the 1979 model of the car. Caterhams road car designs are also available, with lots of different production years and design variations to choose from.

Classy Caterham designs and colours

A lot of different designs and very attractive colour combinations feature in the range of Caterham diecast cars available. Superlight R500s look great in a number of bright colours such as green, yellow, or blue.

The Super Seven models come in simple, chic block colours such as white. They are also available in a range of striking and contrasting designs which feature aluminium or silver adjacent to bold colours such as green, yellow, red or black. The shiny finish on the aluminium or silver part of these diecast cars makes them look extra special and particularly attractive when placed on display.