50cm frame road racing bikes

Road cycling is the perfect pastime for anyone who loves both speed and distance. Its fantastic exercise and is great for your cardiovascular health and strengthening your legs too. This also makes it ideal cross-training for cyclists from other disciplines like BMX and mountain biking.

Getting the right frame size bike for you is really important. Although you can make a few adjustments yourself, like saddle height, a shorter stem or narrower handlebars, you need to have chosen the correct frame size to start with.

Road bikes here on eBay come in a range of sizes with 50cm frames being one of the most popular. The size of bike you require is mainly determined by your height, although there are some other measurements to consider too.

Womens 50cm frame road racing bikes

Some bikes specifically made for women will have a unique frame geometry although others are based on a unisex frame with various finishing kits designed to suit women. The size of the handlebars is related to the width of your shoulders, and as women tend to have shoulders that are narrower than mens, many bikes for women will therefore usually have narrower handlebars. They might well also have gear and brake levers which are set up with a shorter reach to give improved control and comfort for smaller hands.

Mens 50cm frame road racing bikes

50cm frame bikes for men are subtly different to those built with women in mind. With mens models, the crossbar doesnt slant down but is instead parallel to the ground. The seat is also narrower and longer, with the handlebars being wider too at around 42 to 44 centimetres. Additionally, the handlebar stem on a mens bike is usually longer to suit longer arms. The stem is the horizontal part of the handlebars which is not adjustable. As most women will have a shorter torso, the stem is, therefore, shorter so its easier to reach safely and comfortably.