DDR4 SDRAM computer memory (RAM)

Upgrade your computer system with DDR SDRAM computer memory. As one of the latest versions of DRAM, it offers an amazing performance when compared to DDR2 or DDR3 SDRAM. With 4GB and 128GB DDR4 SDRAM, and everything in between, theres sure to be computer RAM for every computer right here on eBay.

Typical features of DDR4 SDRAM

DDR4 SDRAM builds on the strengths of DDR3, with higher module density and a lower voltage requirement. This lower voltage design creates seriously quick data transfer speeds with reduced power and, in turn, less cooling needed. This makes for a powerful yet efficient performance.

Choose from different bus speeds, like DDR4-2133, DDR4-2800 and DDR4-3200. Youll also find different levels of total capacity, with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB available, alongside RAM with less capacity.

Corsair DDR4 SDRAM

Corsair DDR4 SDRAM is a popular choice amongst computer enthusiasts, offering amazing performance that can be used for demanding games and high-end programs.

The Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 SDRAM is the perfect computer part to take your rig to the next level. Its designed with overclocking in mind so you can game better or use demanding programs with ease. An aluminium heat spreader offers efficient heat diffusion, letting you overclock your computer with no problem.

A smaller, more compact design is ideal for smaller computer cases whilst the sleek black design is perfect for displaying with a showcase system.

Team Group DDR4 SDRAM

Or, go for a Team Group DDR4 SDRAM. The Vulcan T-Force 8GB DDR4 memory kit is comprised of two 4GB modules, each with an asymmetric two-tone design. This model runs on a low voltage, from 1.2 to 1.4V, offering great energy efficiency. This lower voltage also helps to keep the temperature low, letting you game for longer periods without any issue.