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Liebherr WSI Diecast Vehicles

Liebharr is a large manufacturing company in Sweden that specialises in heavy machinery and equipment that have been categorised into 10 divisions. These include earthmoving, mining, mobile and tower cranes, aerospace and transportation systems. There are a variety of different Leibharr small-scale diecast models that include mobile crane, compact excavator and tractor.


WSI is the brand that has branded and sold this range of diecast vehicles. They are a vehicle model company that specialises in high quality diecast scale models .

Vehicle type

The Liebharr WSI diecast vehicle range offers you a wide variety of different small-scale heavy machinery. The vehicles include mobile cranes , crawler tractors and wind hoist. They all feature the Liebherr recognisable yellow and orange coloured design and are perfectly designed for collectors.

Diecasting method

These Liebharr vehicles are made from diecast material that involves combination of metal with features of plastic, rubber and glass details. They are made by molten metal being put into a mould under high pressure, which creates the shape and structure of the vehicle. This method of toy making was first used in the 1830's and is still very popular to this day.

1:50 scale

The 1:50 refers to the scale and size that the vehicles are made to in comparison to the real life vehicle. It is the most popular and common scale used for diecast models including toy trucks, buses and construction vehicles. For Liebharr vehicles, it is the most popular scale used, closely followed by 1:87 scale. Other scales are used preferred for other types of toy vehicles however the 1:50 scale works best for trucks and vehicles of a similar build.


The majority of the vehicles in this Liebharr range are branded from WSI Models Company and are now known as collectible vehicles. This means they are suitable for display and storage but shouldn't really be treated as a toy. So if you're a collector of diecast vehicles, this range of heavy machinery vehicles would make a great addition to your collection!

There is a large range of Liebherr WSI diecast vehicles on offer for you to choose from. They vary on vehicle type so it is important that you know which type of vehicle you are after. They all offer you the Liebharr design that is unique to this heavy machinery company and are made using the popular and well-trusted diecasting method.