Multipurpose AC Adapters

Multipurpose AC Adapters

AC adaptors are used for a wide range of electronics and equipment. An AC adapter is an external power supply which is used for devices that are often run by batteries or do not have a conventional power source. An AC adapter is well-known for its central unit which draws power from an AC unit and converts it to DC. This adapter is a common feature for equipment such as laptops which need a smaller power supply for ease of portability. There is a range of AC adapters available for either specific equipment or models plus a selection of universal and multipurpose AC adapters to fit a variety of devices.

Universal AC Adapters

This multipurpose adapter is ideal for use on a range of devices and equipment. Universal AC adapters may have a variety of adapter heads which suit a variety of voltage or wattage requirements. It is important to establish what type of adapter you need for specific equipment, as incorrect adapters may damage appliances and devices or in some cases damage the adapter itself. Universal AC adapters are great for multipurpose use and help to alleviate the need for several adapters for different equipment.

Quality AC Adapters

There is a large selection of top quality multipurpose AC adapters suitable for a range of electronic devices. They are fully tested to ensure they provide a reliable and durable power source for your needs. Most adapters fit the standard UK plug socket and if you are looking for an international equivalent, there is also a range of suitable multipurpose adapters available. There is a large selection of adapters for top electronic brands such as Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Samsung plus many others. Some multipurpose adapters also have small extras such as LED lights to show when the device is powered, thermal fuse protection and extended cable lengths.