Pillow Cases

Sweet dreams with perfect pillow cases

A good night's sleep can have a massive impact on the following day, and finding the ideal pillow case to nod off on is essential to restful sleep. Often, people will only use the pillow cases that come with their bedding set, so it can be sensible to ensure that the bedding set as a whole is made from a good quality material. 

Egyptian cotton pillow cases remain a highly prized option, with 200 thread count bedding sets ideal for daily luxury in the home. Polycotton bedding is a durable alternative to 100% cotton and are often easy care sets. 

Hotel quality

The popularity of boutique hotels has meant that Oxford and housewife pillow sets now often replicate the look and feel of plump luxury hotel pillows. Pillow case sets that combine sleeping pillows with a throw and bolster cushions are ideal for dressing a bed to look like it's straight out of a holiday brochure. Classic colour combinations like grey, white and stone are perfect for minimalist rooms, while for the more adventurous decorator hot pinks, deep greens and metallic golds can give a modern luxe feel to a bedding set. 

Silk bedding

Silk pillow cases are an easy way to inject a touch of luxury into everyday life. Silky smooth pillows offer a different level of comfort to cotton. As a natural material, silk is very strong and durable but this does mean that the pillows may be susceptible to special washing instructions. 

Mulberry pure silk pillow cases are some of the most sought-after silk covers and are supposedly good at preventing tangles in hair while sleeping. A whole new bedding set isn't essential if you want to upgrade your pillows. Cases often come in sets of two or four, so it's possible to simply colour match with existing bedding and try a silk pillow while keeping a cotton duvet cover.