Dyson Vacuum Cleaners


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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson vacuum cleaners offer a serious level of cleaning across its ranges of handheld, upright and canister/cylinder models. All Dyson vacuum cleaners offer the brand's unique RootCyclone technology which gives powerful suction on all floor types. Models are available across new, used and refurbished options as well as those for parts and repairs.

Dyson invented the first bagless vacuum cleaner almost 30 years ago. Its patented ‘cyclonic' technology allows for powerful, mess-free cleaning which sucks dust and particles through one or more cylinders on a high-speed spiral path. Dirt is whipped out using centrifugal force and deposited into the surrounding dust bin which can then be simply removed and emptied hygienically when needed.

Types of Dyson Vacuum

Both Dyson upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners are lightweight and easy to move around. They have accessories stored in the cleaner itself and self-adjust to clean all types of flooring, with one click cord rewind for quick and easy storage.

Dyson upright vacuums with Ball technology ride on a single pivoting ball with supporting castors and allow for easy steering. These models have telescopic handles and wands which can be quickly pulled out for edge cleaning in nooks and crannies. The vacuum motor and other components are housed within the ball, making these vacuums quieter and extremely stable.

Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaners are equally as versatile and particularly suited to smaller or awkward shaped spaces. As they have smaller cleaning heads they are great for cleaning stairs or under tables and rugs.

Super lightweight and portable, Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners offer added convenience and have wall mountable charging bases. Dyson's cord-free stick vacuums and the V6 range offer powerful suction and can be purchased across a variety of models designed to clean tricky areas such as stairways, sofas, blinds and mattresses to car seating and interiors.

In addition, robotic vacuum cleaners such as the Dyson Robot 360 Eye can clean your home whether you are there or not by simply scheduling vacuuming via the Dyson Link App.