Compaq PC Laptops and Netbooks


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Compaq PC Laptops and Netbooks

Compaq produced desktop computers, laptops and netbooks up until 2013. It is still possible to buy good quality Compaq computer products and the range available is quite large.

Screen sizes for Compaq laptops and netbooks

Compaq laptop and netbook screens come in a variety of sizes ranging from smaller netbooks with screens under 10 inches, to larger laptops with screens over 17 inches in size.

The size of laptop screen needed will depend on how the computer is going to be used. Laptops with screens over 17 inches are a good option for people wanting to watch films, use graphics programs or play computer games. Smaller screened items will generally be lighter in weight and easy to move from place to place.

Compaq laptops and netbooks

The operating memory, or RAM , for Compaq laptops and netbooks will generally be between 1 and 4 gigabytes (GB). The bigger the number, the easier it will be for the laptop or netbook to handle having lots of programs open at the same time. Older laptops and netbooks will usually have between 100 and 250 GB of internal storage.

As Compaq laptops and netbooks are not being manufactured any longer, the ones available to buy will generally be used or refurbished models. Some items will be offered for sale as not working, or for spares and repairs.

Refurbished models can be a way of buying a good quality machine at a lower price. Some sellers of refurbished goods offer warranties. This may come as part of the sales price or be an extra cost on top of it.

Desktop computers made by Compaq for sale will also be used or refurbished models. The items may include extras such as keyboards and screens, but for some PCs, the only equipment for sale will be the computer tower.