Alienware Laptops and Netbooks


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Alienware Laptops and Netbooks

If you're a fan of playing computer video games, you've probably come across the Alienware gaming computers . Alienware laptops and netbooks are designed with gamers in mind, featuring such things as higher levels of RAM and faster processor speeds than you would expect from a standard laptop or netbook.

Types of Alienware laptops and netbooks

With a specialist Alienware gaming computer, the design of the machine itself is usually a secondary consideration to its functionality. After all, the idea is that people using the machine will spend most of their time looking at the action on the screen, rather than the laptop itself.

One of the main elements of Alienware systems that is different from model to model is the screen size. Various sizes are on offer, ranging from 13 inch to 18 inches and more, being measured diagonally from corner to corner. A smaller screen allows for greater portability, as the machine itself will be smaller. While a larger screen allows for clearer visuals, clearer imagery and a clearer experience.

The other main factors that go into an Alienware laptop or netbook will be the hard drive storage memory, the RAM capacity and the processor speed. Alienware portable computers come in a range of different sizes of each of these elements. For example, you can purchase a laptop with 128Gb hard drive, 8 Gb or RAM and 1.7 GHz processor speed. In essence, the higher the numbers for these elements, the more capabilities the laptop has when it comes to video gaming.

About the Alienware brand

Alienware as a company was established in the mid 1990s. The company started off manufacturing high spec desktop computers and was bought by the larger Dell corporation in 2006. Alienware still exists as an independent division of Dell, designing and manufacturing gaming laptops.