Mobile Phone and PDA Styluses

You can use mobile phone and PDA styluses to write lists, sign documents, or input text on your touchscreen phone , tablet or other touchscreen device. A mobile phone stylus is designed to make writing and precision work easier.

Universal mobile phone PDA styluses

These handy tech accessories are produced by a number of manufacturers in a range of styles. They can be used with Apple iPhone and iPad, Samsung Galaxy devices, Motorola Moto and most other smartphones and tablets.

The range of universal mobile and smartphone and PDA styluses for Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nokia and all other touchscreens devices made by these companies includes a stainless steel capacitive stylus ballpoint pen. This mobile stylus series is compatible with capacitive or resistive screens and available in a range of colours with a brushed chrome finish. It is designed to glide smoothly over touchscreens.

No battery smartphone stylus

The Targus Stylus AMM01 stylus pen is part of the Targus mobile phone stylus range and they're designed for all smartphones and tablets. The stylus is designed to work with your touchscreen device without needing any power of its own. Batteries are not required and this mobile stylus does not need to be set up with software. This Targus mobile stylus is made from copper and plastic and has a rubber tip that doesn't scratch touchscreens.

Battery-powered mobile stylus

The range of battery-powered smartphone styluses can help you achieve a finer and more accurate drawing or writing style. The range of Ibiopen Active SENSE styluses are powered by 1 x AAA or A27 battery, and designed to help you write on screen as though using a ballpoint pen on paper.

These smartphone styluses use Ultra Fine Point Technology, which allows the 2mm or 2.5mm stylus tip emit signals, enabling it to provide a real writing experience on capacitive touchscreen devices. The tip sensitivity on these mobile phone styluses is adjustable.