USB Wi-Fi Network Adapters & Dongles

Easily Connect To Wireless Networks With A WiFi Dongle

Increase access to your home wireless network from your television with your own WiFi dongle. Edit shared files on any device in your office with a device you can hold in your pocket. A WiFi dongle helps you to save money on replacement network cards and there are lots of models available on eBay.

Can you use a WiFi PC dongle to upgrade a computer?

Yes. Using a WiFi dongle for a PC allows you to immediately upgrade an old computer. If you currently use a network adapter card in your computer that does not use the current WiFi technology, you can use a PC WiFi dongle. The upgrade is easy to do by yourself. Just disable the integrated network card and then plug the USB WiFi dongle into the system. Several affordable options are available on eBay, and they are all cheaper than getting a new network card.

Can you print images wirelessly from any computer with a WiFi stick?

Yes. Some people get a WiFi stick from eBay because they want to avoid using wires in their homes or offices. Most devices in an office can easily be connected wirelessly. This means a safer environment as there will be less risk of tripping or damaging tangled devices. If you want to connect a printer, you must first check that it has a universal serial bus port. Once you locate the port, plug the mobile WiFi dongle in, then your printer can be connected to your computer via Bluetooth. Remember:

  • The printer you choose will have to be installed to your computer before you can print.
  • The installation process is similar to that of a wired network.
  • Always check the box to allow Bluetooth devices to detect your computer if you are using a mobile WiFi dongle to print.
How do you select the range of a WiFi stick?

Your WiFi dongle for PC may be used to connect devices over a very long range. This is only possible if the aerial on your WiFi stick has this capability. Some are limited to a short range and can connect a computer that is near a hot spot so, before you buy a mobile WiFi dongle on eBay, check the range against your needs. If you sometimes use devices that are far apart, you will need an aerial with a long range.

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