Home Smoke & Gas Detectors

Home fire alarms & smoke detectors to keep you safe

Protecting your home or place of business from fire is essential. Having an industry approved fire or smoke alarm in good working order is a legal requirement in most cases, and it will provide important peace of mind at home for you and your family. 

There are different types of fire alarms and smoke detectors on eBay. Taking time to think about where and how you will fit it, and what level of protection you need or desire is important when shopping for a fire or smoke alarm. You'll also find Bluetooth fire alarms and smoke detectors that pair with your smart device. 

Fire alarms

Fire and smoke alarms work by detecting smoke or heat. Depending on the area of the home or business you're looking it, this could influence your choice of product. A fire alarm is a useful addition to rooms like the kitchen where detecting steeply rising heat levels is vital. 

You can either find battery powered or mains fire alarms, and brands include Aico, Apollo, and FireAngel. 

Carbon Monoxide detectors

Kidde, FireAngel and Honeywell all produce CO2 alarms and detectors. If you want the added security of knowing that you have a monitoring system in place for CO2, these alarms are the ideal solution. 

You can find either wall mounted, freestanding or fitted Carbon monoxide alarms and detectors. Whether you'd prefer to get something that simply alerts you to dangerous levels or an alarm that's mains or battery powered, there's a product to suit. 

Smoke detectors

Smoke alarms are commonly used in homes to warn residents about fires. They work by detecting smoke particles in the atmosphere and are highly effective as a warning system for fires. By giving you an early alert on a fire, they give you precious moments to attempt to vacate the property. 

Most are ceiling mounted alarms and can be easily installed in main communal areas of the home.