Mobile Phone & PDA Audio Docks & Speakers

Mobile phone and PDA audio docks and speakers are available in a wide choice of designs and models from many different manufacturers.

There are mini Bluetooth wireless portable speakers which connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. They have their own USB cables for charging and a jack auxiliary cable for wired use. The speaker has an internal microphone so if you are listening to music, you can answer a call via the speaker rather than hunting for your cell phone. Furthermore, you can connect a row of these mini speakers to get a jaw-dropping stereo performance.

Another in the choice of mobile phone and PDA audio docks and speakers is the Kitsound Hive 2 portable stereo speaker. This has Bluetooth V3 and a Bluetooth range of up to 10m. It delivers warm, rich bass notes, along with a controlled mid-range and a delicate treble. This model also offers built-in call handling for those occasions when you get interrupted. It is constructed in plastic in white or a very strong shade of deep blue.

Styles of audio docks and speakers

Kitsound also make the Soul wooden Bluetooth portable rechargeable speaker which is constructed from real walnut. With a slim design and leather carrying strap, the Soul looks very much like a radio set from the 1960s and is lightweight, so easy to take camping, on picnics, or holidays.

Mobile phone and audio PDA audio docks and speakers also include the Boombox for iPhone and Samsung. This has high quality stereo speakers and a wireless range between 15m and 30m. It is made of plastic with a rubber finish and is available in black, black and red, blue, red, white, and green. It supports TF card music playing, and you can answer a phone call or make one by pushing the button on the top.