Computer Modem-Router Combos

Computer modem router combinations

A modem interfaces between the outside broadband connection and the router . The router takes data signals from a modem and sends them to devices around the home via Wi-Fi. A modem router combo combines both functions into one convenient unit, negating the need to buy each device separately. The following information will hopefully help demystify the technology and purchasing process.

Understanding wireless standards

The wireless standard is denoted as 802.11. The version numbers are in fact letters. The latest version is "ac" (802.11ac) which supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. Previous standards include "a", "b", "g" and "n". Each version improves on its previous iteration and all versions are backwards only.

Mono, dual band or tri-band?

Mono channel modem router combos are fine for small homes or single offices or where few devices are to be connected. Dual band computer modem router combos broadcast over two channels (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and stop wireless congestion whilst providing improved wireless connectivity and quality for multiple devices. Tri-band computer modem router combos use 2.4GHz and two 5GHz channels to provide more speed and bandwidth and are recommended for heavy use scenarios.

Guest and child connections

Some computer modem router combos offer connections for guests and children. This is another consideration to make in the purchasing decision and helps segregate guests or children from accessing sensitive information on the main home or office network. These connections also mean the Wi-Fi password doesn't have to be shared, boosting security.

Computer modem router Ethernet ports

Ethernet ports on computer modem router combos enable devices, normally main computers and printers , to be plugged directly into the broadband network for fastest, congestion-free connections. The more devices, the more Ethernet ports that are required.

Computer modem router combo antennas

Antennas built into and protruding from the computer modem router combo dictate the speed and range of the Wi-Fi connection. For example, the larger the premises, the more powerful the computer modem router combo needs to be to avoid dead zones.