Samsung Laptops and Netbooks


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Samsung Laptops and Netbooks

Samsung is a household name when it comes to electronics and engineering equipment. Currently, the company is one of the largest multinational firms in the world.

They are a well known brand that supplies a wide range of different portable computers and accessories. There are many Samsung laptops and netbooks you can choose from, each of which is built to the high standards that this manufacturing company is famous for.

The difference between laptops and netbooks

If you're wondering whether to buy a laptop or netbook , you should know that laptops are generally designed to store programs and files internally, as they have larger memory storage capacity. Netbooks are usually lighter machines, being designed mainly as a means to access the internet in order to use the majority of the programs and files you might wish to use.

Some types of Samsung Laptops and Netbooks

Samsung has a wide range of models of laptops and netbooks available, including their N series, the NC series , the 9 series and the Samsung Chromebook model of netbook, which is built around the Chrome operating system.

One of the key differences between the various models you can choose from is the screen size. Netbooks and Samsung Chromebooks tend to have smaller screen sizes, ranging from 10 inches to 13 inches or more.

Samsung laptops come in a range of screen sizes from around 13 inches to 19 inches and more. The larger sized screen is probably most suitable for people using the laptop for work purposes or for viewing high end visuals, while the smaller screen sizes are more portable, as the machines themselves are smaller.

Some Samsung laptops come with touchscreen capability built in, allowing you to use the machine like a portable tablet computer as well as a conventional keyboard-based laptop or netbook.