Hair Make Up Mannequins

If you're new to beauty, and looking for ways to practice new makeup and hair techniques, it's always helpful to have a hair make up mannequin, which is sometimes also called a cosmetology mannequin. These are so you can practice applying make up, or cutting and styling hair so that you get it just right before you try anything out on a client or friend.

Style it right with real feel hair

These days, hair and make up mannequin heads are available in many different sizes, facial shapes, and styles. There are even bearded hair mannequins to practice your beard grooming. They are invaluable for helping students, or keen amateurs, get that much needed experience in hairdressing.

Whilst many of these mannequins come without hair attached, allowing for wigs to be bought and applied, some of them have real human hair. Whilst these are often more expensive, the hair will feel more authentic as synthetic variants may well feel thicker and unnatural. Cut, curl and colour your mannequin's hair, experiment with looks in a risk free environment. Most hair make up mannequins have around 30% human hair, although it is possible to find some with 100% human 'virgin' unprocessed hair.

Using make up mannequins for beauty practice

Make up mannequins are the perfect tool for practicing your make up skills, giving you the freedom to really experiment with ideas. The surface of a make up mannequin has a realistic texture that looks and feels just like human skin. Realistic make up heads are perfect for practicing tricky treatments like eyelash extensions and brow shaping, and can also be really helpful for learning facial massage techniques with their natural feel and texture.

Face painting trial runs

If you're thinking of setting up a face painting business, make up mannequins are invaluable tools, as you can practice on a completely still, blank canvas. You'll get a feel for how the make up should applied before you have to apply it to any over excited five year olds.