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Packard Bell Desktop and All-in-One PCs

There is a wide selection of different Packard Bell Desktop and All-in-One PC models available, each with different specifications.

All-in-one or desktop computer

All-in-one PCs have all of the components of the computer tucked away behind the monitor. This allows you to save a lot of desk space, allowing you to have more computer accessories. They also have less wires than desktops, they only need the power output cable. Ethernet cables can be connected and so can keyboards and mice, but these are now mostly wireless. These machines come with a built in speaker, meaning that you don't have to spend money on separate computer speakers.

Due to their compact sizes, Packard Bell all-in-ones are less powerful than full computers. The lack of a computer unit means that the components have to be smaller, and therefore less powerful, in order to fit behind the monitor.

Packard Bell desktops take up much more space than all-in-ones. The tower unit that houses all of the computer components can be large, especially with more powerful computers. Because these Packard Bell machines have more space you are able to install upgrades, like more RAM or a better graphics card.

Types of Packard Bell computers

The Packard Bell iMedia S2885 has a generous 8GB RAM, allowing it to handle multiple programmes with ease. This model also has a massive 1TB of internal storage, meaning that you can save thousands of files, pictures and songs. It also comes with a built in wifi sensor - often desktop computers need separate a wifi adapter.

The Packard Bell OneTwo M3700 has a touchscreen monitor and built in speakers. It has 4GB of RAM and 640GB of internal storage. This touchscreen computer is the perfect computer for home use. The touchscreen functionality adds some novelty for children its specifications allow for quick and easy use.