Purple Laptops and Netbooks

Purple laptops and netbooks are available in a wide range of different styles and from different brands, including Dell, Lenovo and Acer.

Laptops and netbooks have some major differences in regards to memory and general features. Netbooks are smaller in size and also have a much smaller internal storage capacity. This is because netbooks are designed to be used with access to the internet and use cloud storage. This allows your netbook to run faster as most files are not stored in the device.

Netbooks are generally used for internet-based functions - writing emails, documents, listening to music or streaming videos. They are also much lighter than most models of laptop, due to them having less internal components.

Laptops are much larger and generally have more features. This includes a bigger internal storage capacity, a clearer LCD display due to the larger screen size and a DVD/CD drive. Laptops are built to be more durable and hardwearing than netbooks, although there are some more lightweight models. Laptops have much more power, giving you the capability to run demanding programs with ease.

Types of purple laptops and netbooks

Screen sizes vary from model to model, ranging from 11 to 18 inches. The smaller laptops that are closer to 11 inches are perfect for carrying around and are much lighter. 18 inch screen laptops are more suited for using on a desk at work. 15.6 inch screens are used in a lot of Lenovo and HP laptop and netbook models Even smaller than standard sized machines, mini 7 inch laptops are also available.

The higher the memory space, the quicker your device can work. The standard size of RAM is 2GB but you can find models with much higher capabilities.

The CPU is another important component of the laptop. These processors control all operations of the laptop, meaning that a better CPU will allow your laptop or netbook to run much more smoothly. Intel Core i5 processors are standard issue Intel CPUs that can handle basic operations, whereas an Intel core i7 is much more powerful and used in many gaming laptops and high powered computers.