Optimise Your PC's Performance With an 8GB RAM DDR3 1600

A good amount of RAM is at the core of any PC's performance because it is directly responsible for the overall system speed and efficiency. 8GB RAM will get your computer to that performance sweet spot since it is the bare minimum that will allow you to easily perform all your daily tasks, while also giving you the ability to enjoy some graphics-intensive gaming. If you need an upgrade, choose from eBay's broad selection of 8GB RAM DDR3 1600, which you can get at a wide range of price points.

How much RAM is needed for gaming?

All the relevant data that your computer needs to access to make sure that a game runs smoothly is stored in the RAM. A good gaming rig needs at least 8GB of RAM, which makes this DDR3 1600 ideal. Doubling that number to 16GB will make your rig future proof, in case more demanding games are released.

Why is using multiple module RAM better than a single module?

There are several reasons why using multi modules is a good idea:

  • Most motherboards support dual modules or more. It is a waste to only use one module.
  • It is easier to replace your RAM in case of failure if you are using multiple modules. When a single module set up fails, your computer will not work until the RAM is replaced. A multiple-module set up can rely on a single RAM until the other is replaced.
  • Multiple modules are more efficient. For example, two 8GB RAM DDR3 1600s working together also offer you a little performance boost over a single 16GB module.
  • Multiple modules are cheaper to manage.
What is the difference between DDR4 and DDR3?

DDR4 and DDR3 are quite similar. However, DDR3 RAM is by far more popular than DDR4 RAM. This is because although DDR4 has higher clock speeds and operates at a lower voltage, it is much more expensive while offering a negligible difference in gaming experience. DDR4 is also not compatible with most Core i5 and Core i7 computers. It is only limited to Intel's X99 platform and Extreme processors. This combined with the fact that it can work in low voltage situations is why it is ideal for server farms or other large-scale systems. In these situations, DDR4 RAM yields some significant power savings. For home PC set-ups, however, DDR3 is a cheaper and more efficient option.