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Shuttle PC Desktops and All in Ones

Pioneers of the smaller computer, Shuttle PC desktops and all in ones are well known for taking up the minimum amount of space on your desk surface. They have developed a distinctive design that makes the machines appear reminiscent of audio equipment rather than being a computer, which is a large part of their appeal for many people.

Some types of Shuttle PC desktops and all in ones

Desktop computers are generally in the tower or horizontal style, taking up space on or underneath your desk. Shuttle computers have built their reputation on developing smaller sized boxes to house their computers, so you can free up more desk space for other things.

One of the main differences between types of computer is their operating system, with a range of Windows based machines being available from Shuttle.

Hard drive memory is an important factor, with a range of sizes from 128 Gb to 1 Tb and beyond being produced by the Shuttle computer company.

RAM memory is one of the components of a computer that allow it to work quickly, with Shuttle PCs starting at 2 Gb and rising to 16 Gb of RAM and higher. The higher the RAM, the quicker and more powerful the machine will be.

All in one computers are the type where all the internal workings of the computer are housed within the same unit as the computer monitor . Not surprisingly, given their expertise with smaller designs, Shuttle's range of all in one computers are especially compact, giving you even more desk space to play with.

Shuttle computer accessories are also available, meaning that you can customize your computer to your required specifications.

About the Shuttle brand

Shuttle is a manufacturer of computer equipment that was founded in Taiwan in the 1980s. They came to prominence in the early 2000s as one of the first successful producers of computers based on the 'small form factor' style, which is basically a means of ensuring the computer takes up less space.