Speedy 4GB DDR3 SDRAM memory RAM

DDR3 memory has the ability to offer you 40% less power consumption when compared to DDR2 models. They also have a much lower operating current when compared to other computer RAM models and the transfer rate is 800-1600 MT/s. DDR3 has the ability to offer various functions, including ASR, SRT and more. This ultimately means that they are able to offer automatic self-refresh and self-refresh temperature. 

You can find a huge range of DIMM, SIM and PIN specific RAM drives right here.You can find a huge range of DIMM, SIM and PIN specific RAM drives right here, so you're sure to find the best options for you in this great range of computer components and parts


A DIMM is a dual-line memory module. This comprises of various dynamic and randomised access circuits. They are printed onto the circuit board and they are designed for use in workstations, servers, personal computers and more. DIMMS started to replace SIMMS as the main model used and they are most commonly found in systems such as Pentiums and Intel P5's. 


The SODIMM is a much smaller variation of the dual in-line memory model. It is a computer memory piece that is built in using integrated circuits. SODIMM variations are much smaller alternatives and they are half the size. These RAM pieces are normally used in systems that have very limited space. This can include notebooks, laptops, personal computers and more. They are also used on devices that can be upgraded and they are also available with routers and even NAS devices. 


The PIN of the SODIMM or DIMM ram that you choose will ultimately depend on the space that you have in your computer. If your RAM slot only has room for a 240 PINN drive then it is not possible for you to install any other type of RAM. Of course, by replacing your RAM housing, you can then fit additional RAM to speed up your laptop or PC.