AMD 8-Core Computer Processor


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AMD 8-Core Computer Processors

For incredibly fast performance on desktop computers, choose AMD 8-core computer processors which happen to have an abundance of power. Though each processing chip manufacturer makes their individual product differently, AMD focuses on constant, peerless performance to handle any task thrown at it.

AMD processors

AMD are specialists in the gaming industry, providing incredibly high graphics that can handle AAA and online games as well as productivity software. These are a good option for gamers or designers who require top tier products rather than run of the mill processors that may not be able to cope with the workload.


AMD CPUs have a reputation for being cheaper than many of their competitors, though the difference in performance can often be marginal at best. At entry level, AMD edges their competitors out with pricing, but at higher levels they begin to lose ground over performance. This means that their lower end computer chips tend to be good value for money, but that value deteriorates the higher up you go. Choosing the right price range of processor for the job at hand is usually quite simple in this respect.

Performance and heat

AMD chips tend to have a higher core count than many other computer processors , but they can be prone to getting hot, which can be a problem in machines not designed to handle that much heat. In a badly designed computer this could cause issues so before buying, make sure that your laptop can vent its heat properly and perhaps invest in a fan cleaning kit.

Choosing the right processor

AMD are the best in the market at entry level processors with powerful cores like their AMD FX-8350 Wraith Octa Core. Mostly it will boil down to price and preference. A cheaper AMD core processor will suit most people, but some gamers and designers will prefer the high end products such as AMD's Ryzen processor series.