Pink Laptops and Netbooks

Pink Laptops and Netbooks

It is increasingly common nowadays to have laptops or netbooks that are available in brighter colours than the original style office beige, black or grey models of previous years. Many brands, including Dell, Samsung and IBM, now offer a wide range of different colours, including pink laptops and netbooks that you may wish to buy to match your own style or the environment youll be using them in.

Difference between a laptop and a netbook

Laptops are designed to be fully functional portable computers that are a transportable version of a desktop machine. They will have more onboard memory and storage capacity, enabling you to load multiple programs and store multiple files directly onto the hard drive.

Netbooks, on the other hand, are more lightweight machines, being designed to access the internet rather than storing programs and files on the machine itself. Using a netbook, your files will be stored and accessed mainly through the cloud.

Types of pink laptops and netbooks

Laptops are usually larger machines than netbooks, with a range of different screen sizes and capabilities. Screen size is measured diagonally across the screen from bottom corner to top corner, with many different sizes of laptop available from 10 inch to 19 inches and larger. Netbooks are usually smaller in screen size, with 10 inch to 14 inch being common sizes.

The amount of hard drive storage space, RAM memory and processor speeds are elements youll want to consider when choosing a pink laptop or netbook. Laptops will have more hard drive storage capacity (e.g. 128Gb up to 320Gb and more), while netbooks tend not to be able to store many files on the machine, being designed to access files online.

RAM memory and processor speeds are an indication of how powerful the laptop or netbook is, with the higher numbers providing more capacity and quicker speeds for the computers. RAM memory can range from 2 Gb and upwards, with processor speeds ranging from 1.33 GHz up.

There are also mini laptops available that are designed to have both functionality and style. The compact size of these laptops makes them extremely easy to carry around.

Pair a pink laptop with a pink laptop case for extra style and also added protection.