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Matchbox Ford Diecast Trucks

Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903. From the Model A, through to every other model they have released since, Ford vehicles have been a major player in the history of automobiles. Ford is an instantly recognisable name from the motor industry and Matchbox is just as recognisable within the model vehicle world. Matchbox Ford diecast trucks are model trucks, made by the highly collectable model making company, which have been based on various Ford truck designs, released over the years. They are great for children to play with and are also perfect for model vehicle collectors and enthusiasts.

Different kinds of trucks

There are many different styles of Matchbox model Ford trucks to be found, with various types based on trucks with different commercial and non-commercial uses and designs. Amongst those on offer, are heavy wreck trucks, refuse trucks, kennel trucks, grit spreaders, general use trucks and those vehicles from the Matchbox 'Superkings' range, such as the Ford Transcontinental heavy goods trucks.

Some particularly elaborate designs can be found, based on Ford trucks which have been used in the past for very specific uses, such as an extremely detailed model AA forest fire truck and a 1954 civil defence truck.

In addition to Matchbox Ford truck models which feature only the Ford design details of the vehicles, there are various interesting themed truck designs available, including those which feature famous company liveries. Some of the particularly standout Matchbox designs which can be found are anniversary edition model trucks, such as models featuring 50 years of certain toy companies. Others include cargo trucks, featuring well known soft drink brands.

These specialist and themed items can be especially collectable and make for a fascinating addition to any collection or even as a gift to anyone who collects model trucks and vehicles.