Computer USB Lights Gadgets

Computer USB lights and gadgets are a convenient way of having access to items that can be powered by plugging them into a computer's USB port. The port might be on a laptop or personal computer.

Types of computer USB lights and gadgets

There are various types of products that you can power via a computer's USB port. As well as lights and lamps, there are things like cup warmers, fans, small fridges, clocks and speakers .

For all USB gadgets and lights, it's simply a case of plugging them into an empty port on the computer to get them working. The range of USB lights and lamps available is quite large. Standard light and lamps are a popular option, but it is also possible to buy novelty items, such as lava lamps.

Cup warmers are a great way of keeping a drink warm while you are using your laptop or personal computer, whilst USB powered fans are a nice way of keeping cool while working and come in various sizes, colours and styles.

Various toys are available that can be plugged into a USB port. These will often glow or perform a basic action. USB toys are a great way of having a fun distraction while you're working or using the computer. USB clocks are popular and can be of standard design or a novelty item, with some clocks double up as cooling fans giving added convenience.

Small USB fridges are perfect for the office desk and will generally hold one can of drink. This could either be a 330ml or 500ml one. Taller models will be able to hold a 500ml drinks bottle.

Chargers and charging sources

USB charging pads are available for various devices. Some charging pads will work with multiple products, but it's important to check the list of applicable devices before buying.