Laptop & Desktop Accessories

Laptop and Desktop Accessories

Laptop and desktop accessories are designed to maximise your efficiency, productivity and creative enjoyment when using a computer or a laptop.

Types of laptop and desktop accessories

Laptop power adapters and chargers are designed for enhancing your laptop's power supply. Many adapters feature a magnetic connector that instantly disconnects from the laptop if anyone accidentally trips over the cable.

Laptop batteries typically comprise of 6 or 8 cylindrical lithium-ion cells, with PC board, that powers up the laptop and protects against overcharging.

Laptop cases and bags are available in a wide variety of styles, colours and designs to make carrying your laptop as lightweight, stylish and easy as possible. Padded and reinforced laptop bags generally feature internal compartments and pockets, and have a carry handle plus optional wide shoulder strap. Laptop sleeve cases have a streamlined appearance with a zipper opening. Backpacks and messenger style laptop bags are also available which make transporting your gear even easier.

Computer speakers allow you to instantly transform your laptop into a high-end stereo system. The USB powered speakers are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Most slimline multimedia stereo speakers feature a socket for headphone, PC and MP3 player use.

Other laptop and desktop accessories

Anti-slip mouse pads with gel or foam wrist support are perfectly contoured for optimal comfort. The compact, ergonomically designed mouse pad is typically made from lightweight, slightly stretchy neoprene fabric and features curved padded support that helps to prevent wrist tension and repetitive strain injury.

Lightweight, mini and portable laptop and desktop USB cooling desk fans are designed to sit on top of the computer screen so that you can benefit from the refreshing breeze. Laptop cooler stands with tilt movement are also available.

Disposable screen cleaning wet wipes allow you to easily remove grease, grime and sticky fingerprint marks from your laptop or desktop computer screen.