Computer Microphones

Computer microphones

Whatever specification you require you're sure to find the perfect product in this collection of computer microphones. The range stocks all leading brands, including Logitech, Sony, Labtech and more. It also has items with a wide range of features such as noise cancelling microphones , as well as those with adjustable stands and extra sensitivity.

Whether you're looking for a product for teleconferencing in the office or for gaming, this range has it all. Carry out some research and product comparisons to help you choose a computer microphone that has all the functionality you need.

Choosing the right product

One of the first aspects to consider when buying a microphone is how it will connect to your computer.

Nowadays most people prefer wireless and bluetooth microphones as they cut down on wires crowding out your workspace. If you want a traditional wired microphone then these will usually have USB connectors or a 3.5 millimetre connector that fits into any standard headphone socket. Usually the cheaper options will be wired, but wireless are becoming increasingly more budget friendly as their popularity grows.

Next up you need to consider what additional features you desire your new computer microphone to have. If you will be using it in a noisier environment, or even with a louder computer, this is a great facility to have and can make using your microphone far easier.

Unidirectional and omnidirectional

Unidirectional microphones are the preferred option for louder rooms, if you alone will be speaking, as they only process sound from one direction and therefore help to limit interference from other noises. If you're buying a microphone to be used by multiple people simultaneously, such as when conference calling, or if you want the background noises to be picked up then an omnidirectional microphone is probably a better choice.


For more professional usage you're probably going to need to know what the frequency response range is, which is normally included in the specification. 85 to 255 hertz is the average range for people speaking and often all that is needed when it comes to frequency.

Finally there are some microphones specifically designed for certain types of usage. For example, if you're going to be gaming or using a microphone for Skype calls and Google hangouts consider a headphone microphone set that's built specifically for this. It helps with good audio quality and having the microphone near your mouth, while hands free is also useful. For those making videos or music then a dedicated and more technologically robust computer microphone is going to be better.

Top Products in Computer Microphones

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