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On eBay you can find unique objects, new or second-hand, from Ireland and other parts of the world. Whatever your passion, you will find items you are looking for to complete your collection.

Coins, stamps and philatelic material

If you like philately, on eBay you will find Spanish stamps and stamps from other countries and from different periods: stamps from the Spanish Civil War, stamps from Europe CEPT, stamps from Germany, stamps from Cuba, Cyprus... these small objects will make you travel around the world. world and through different historical periods.

In addition, you can also get coins and banknotes, both from Spain and other parts of the world: from old pesetas to coins from Africa, Central America, Europe or coins from Roman or Greek times.

Don't forget to take a look at the philatelic material: albums, covers and protective cases to take care of your collection of stamps, coins or banknotes and ensure that your finds are kept in good condition.

Collection cards

The passion for collecting cards is widespread among people of all ages and very different tastes. There are rare and difficult to find cards with very diverse themes: from sports cards to cards of series, movies or cartoon characters. Soccer cards are the most successful sports cards.

On eBay, you can find Panini cards of the footballers who have participated in the World Cups or complete your albums from the Spanish League or the Euro Cup. In addition, you can find complete sticker albums, such as Adrenalyn from current seasons or from other years.

Do you prefer non-sports cards? If you like movies and the world of cinema and comics, you have vintage trading cards for all tastes: Batman, Doctor Who, X-Men, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings rings… find the rarest and most original loose trading cards to complete your collection.

Art and antiques for collectors

In vintage markets full of antique objects from all times you can find truly unique pieces. On eBay, you have all that just one click away. You can find religious items, ceramic and porcelain objects, furniture, lithographs, ornaments, record players, vintage telephones...

To make a good purchase of art and antiques, it is important to inform yourself well beforehand: know what the market price of the item in question is, compare it with similar objects, carefully read all the characteristics of the item and look carefully at the photos in the advertisement. Keep in mind that the price can vary greatly depending on the age of the object, the condition it is in, as well as its historical and artistic importance.

On the other hand, if you like to find unique pieces of art and would like to create your small museum at home, on eBay you can find unique works for sale at a fixed price and also at auction: paintings, posters, lithographs, engravings, sculptures... by artists both from other eras and contemporary art artists. Take a look at the collection of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando: you can get works by artists like Goya or Fortuny.

Complete your collection with eBay!