Create Captivating Websites with Webplus

Serif Webplus makes it easy to create a professional-looking website without the need for any coding knowledge. The program uses a user-friendly interface that enables users to create websites by using drag and drop-based tools. You can find a copy of Serif Webplus on eBay.

Is using Webplus easy?

Yes, the program is quite easy to master and knowledge of coding is not necessary. The program takes care of the coding work and leaves only the creative part of web design to the user. Adding HTML elements can be done by using one of the program's many built-in widgets.

Can the program be used with e-commerce websites?

Yes, Webplus can be used for e-commerce applications. The program includes a shopping cart widget, which allows users to add the required coding for e-commerce functionality and creating a catalogue of items. The software can be used with various payment gateways to enable online payment for products and they can be integrated with your website in just a few clicks.

Can additional widgets be added?

Yes, users can add as many widgets as they want. Widgets that have been designed specifically for use with Webplus can be found on the manufacturers' website. Several additional design templates can also be added to the software, which allows for greater creative expression.

Is Webplus suited to creating any website?

Yes. Several templates are provided, which can be customised to suit individual needs and businesses without too much fuss. The program allows users to select templates by choosing a business type and category and then suggests templates that would suit the user’s needs.

Which features can be found in the Webplus program?

Serif Webplus has the following:

  • Simple User Interface: An intuitive drag and drop system that allows users of all skill levels to work with Webplus.
  • Essential Web Controls: The most important controls like navigation can be added to web pages.
  • Customisable Design: Customising any template is a simple and easy process.
  • Widgets: This allows users to add functionality, like e-commerce and photo galleries, in the form of widgets.
  • Integration: Payment gateways and other third-party applications can be integrated with Webplus.
  • Updates: The program is frequently updated with new features and functionalities.
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