Keep On Top of Your Work with a Dell Optiplex 755

The Dell Optiplex 755 is a fast PC which works well for both personal and professional use. This aesthetically pleasing tower PC is also extremely energy efficient, making it an attractive option not only for the environment, but also for your pocket as you save in energy costs. With a range of options available, to help you build the perfect PC to meet your needs, there is sure to be a Dell Optiplex 755 for you on eBay.

How much memory does the Dell Optiplex 755 have?

The Dell Optiplex is sold with 2GB of RAM as standard, although this can be customised if you need more memory adding. Many machines listed on eBay have already been upgraded or refurbished and so the amount of RAM in each machine might vary. You can even sometimes select how much memory you require adding before the machine is sent out to you. This leaves you free to choose how much memory you need to help you build the perfect machine.

What processor does the Dell Optiplex 755 use?

The Dell Optiplex 755 comes with an Intel Core Duo processor as standard. This processor is capable of operating at speeds of 2.2-2.6 GHz, making it a fast PC which is capable of running many programmes. As with RAM, the processor can vary because some models listed on eBay might have been refurbished or upgraded. You will need to consider each specific listing in order to make sure you find the ideal processor to match your needs.

What else should you consider when choosing your Dell Optiplex 755?

When you are considering which Dell Optiplex 755 to purchase, you might want to consider the following:

  • Software: Does the machine have all the software that you need already installed, or will you need to upgrade?
  • Operating system: Normally machines are sold with Windows 10 installed, but is this the right operating system for you?
  • Capacity: Check the size of the hard drive - is there enough space for your requirements?
  • Additional drives: Does the machine have a CD/RW drive or a DVD-ROM?
  • Size: As an energy efficient machine, the Dell Optiplex 755 takes up a lot of room - do you have space on your desk?
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