The Productive, Lightweight, and Stylish Toshiba Z930

If you’re looking for a thin and light laptop to work with on a daily basis then the Toshiba Z930 is the right choice for you. Constructed of magnesium alloy, the notebook stays lightweight like its plastic counterparts but maintains the look and feel of a clean metallic body. With a generous 13.3-inch screen and secure fingerprint recognition it has all the bells and whistles for a business machines.

How does the Toshiba Z930 stay connected?

Designed for practical business use, it comes with a full size HDMI port as well as a classic VGA port so you can be sure that the computer will connect with both newer and older model projectors for important presentations. The Toshiba Z930 also features USB 3.0 where data can be transferred at up to 640 MBps, saving you time when transferring large files. It accesses the internet through:

  • WiFi through wireless routers at home or in the office.
  • A built-in Ethernet port that can also be used for database connections.
  • A SIM card slot that supports up to 3G mobile networks while you’re on the move.
How fast is the Toshiba Z930?

It can come with up to Intel Core i7 at 2 GHz as standard and store up up to 512 GB of data in a solid state drive. This makes the computer fast no just for running applications but also for saving and retrieving data from its built-in memory, it reads at up to 500 MBps and writes at up to 240 MBps. The setup supports up to 8 GB of DDR3 SDRAM so you can run multiple applications simultaneously with ease. Even though it is powerful the battery lasts over 4 hours with regular use surfing the internet.

Is it easy to carry the Toshiba Z930 around?

Yes. The Toshiba Z930 is designed to be a very slim and portable notebook. Weighing at just over a kilogram you can carry your productivity with you without breaking your back. The 18 mm thickness also means that it will fit into your bag with ease even if it is already loaded. With a heat source entered around the middle of the computer it also makes it comfortable to use on your thighs without worrying about overheating.

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