Get the Custom Computer You Want With a Barebones PC

Buying a barebones PC can be a convenient way to get the basic hardware every computer needs in order to run while leaving space for you to customise the rest. You can explore the huge range of barebones PC options available on eBay. The site's helpful categories will help you find the right model for your needs.

What does a barebones PC include?

The precise hardware or features a barebones PC has can vary from model to model. However, most of these systems have a few basic parts in common. The parts you are most likely to find in a barebones PC are the following:

  • Chassis - You can think of the chassis as the skeletal system of the computer. It provides you with the basic framework for installing the custom components that will run the system.
  • Motherboard - If the chassis is the skeleton, the motherboard is the backbone of the PC. Any devices or hardware you want to use with your PC need to connect with the motherboard. The type of board you choose will determine what kind of add-ons you can use.
  • Power supply - This is the part that supplies power to the system. Most of the parts in your computer will take their power directly from this unit.
What kinds of barebones PC systems can you get?

You'll find PC kits in a few different form factors on eBay. Each type has its own specifications and advantages based on your needs or preferences. Some of the common form factors you will come across include the following:

  • All-in-one - These computers feature a monitor that includes basic hardware inside it.
  • Tower - The tower is the standard form factor for a PC. The tall chassis contains the mounting hardware you need for other parts.
  • Mini tower - You may wish to choose a mini tower if you want a barebones PC with versatile placement options.
Are used barebones PC systems available?

eBay carries a wide range of brand new barebones kits and their components. However, you can find many pre-owned barebones kits on the site as well. Note that a used PC might include some components that have not been used before. The chassis of the system may show slight signs of cosmetic wear, but the parts inside it should function as intended. Note that you can also purchase some of the additional hardware you will need for the barebones PC. You can find new and pre-owned versions of these parts on eBay.