Socket 1155 Cpu

Ensure Your Desktop CPU Stays Put with the Socket 1155 CPU

Socket 1155 CPU is a CPU socket with protruding pins that help the computer board connect with a microprocessor. In other words, the socket comprises one or multiple mechanical components that offer electrical and mechanical connections between a PCB (printed circuit board) and microprocessor. This facilitates positioning and removal or replacement of the CPU without soldering. Choose from a range of sockets on eBay.

Is the Socket 1155 CPU LGA or PGA?

Socket 1155 CPU is based on the LGA (land grid array) pattern, also called Socket T. LGA is a surface-mount package for ICs (integrated circuits) and is known for offering pins right on the socket instead of the integrated circuit. The packaging technology has contacts in the form of a rectangular grid below the package. The contacts should be connected to the PCB’s grid of contacts. LGAs could be connected electrically to a PCB either by using the socket, or directly soldering to the board.

Is LGA better than PGA?

PGA (pin grid array) refers to the set of pins that connected CPUs to a computer’s motherboard before LGA. PGA ensured any processor could fit with any motherboard. However, the evolving CPU manufacturing scene has rendered PGA sockets incompatible with several new-gen CPUs.

  • With advancements in microprocessors, more pins are needed for handling new features and providing increased power. The newest Intel and AMD CPUs have an LGA.
  • The LGA interface has no on-chip pins. This decreases the chances of the chip getting damaged either during or before installation, since there aren’t pins that could be bent accidentally.
  • As the pins are transferred to the motherboard, designing the socket to shield the pins physically becomes possible. Installation damage costs could be reduced as motherboards are inexpensive than CPUs.
What are the benefits of Socket 1155?

CPU sockets are designed specifically for certain CPUs and generally are not interchangeable with other processor types. In several cases, makers group sockets, and Socket 1155 is part of a group that works with the Intel Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and Xeon series of microprocessors for desktop computers. Socket 1155, like other LGA sockets, offers the following:

  • Easy access to CPU
  • Ensures proper chip insertion or removal
  • Comes with a lock to mitigate CPU movement on the board
  • Assists with secure heat sink positioning atop the CPU