I7 Cpu

Boost Your PC Performance with a Core i7 CPU

With an i7 processor, you can complete computer tasks simpler and faster than ever. The Core i7 CPU is an extremely efficient multi-core CPU chip designed with high specifications. eBay has a huge selection of Intel i7 processors available to choose from.

Does the i7 feature Turbo Boost?

Yes. The technology was introduced in 2008, so it can be also be found on Core i5 and Core i9 units that were released after this date. Turbo Boost is a trade name for Intel's proprietary technology. A Turbo Boost processor is able to automatically increase its operating speed frequency whenever it senses the need for a boost in performance while running heavy programs or tasks.

What are some differences between the variations of i7 processors available?

Not only are there different generations of i7 processors, but there are also different units within each generation. 9th-generation i7 processors were released in late 2018. Even though 7th- or 8th-generation CPU processors may be older, they're not outdated. All i7 CPUs are multi-core and multi-thread and offer excellent speed and performance. See for yourself by comparing some specifications below:

  • i7-8850H: An 8th generation processor that offers a 2:1 ratio of six cores and 12 threads. With a base speed of 2.60 GHz and a maximum speed of 4.30 GHz with Turbo Boost, it's an impressive CPU that everyone can appreciate.
  • i7-9700K: Intel's 9th-generation processor with eight physical cores and eight threads. With Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, its base frequency of 3.60 GHz can boost up to 4.90 GHz.
  • i7-7700K: A 7th-generation processor with a 2:1 ratio of four cores and eight threads. Its base frequency of 4.20 GHz can increase to 4.50 GHz via Turbo Boost, proving that older doesn't always mean slower.
Can i7 processors be used in laptop and desktop PCS?

In most cases, the hardware is the same on laptops and desktops, so you could use a desktop i7 processor in a laptop. However, other components in your computer can affect compatibility and performance, such as your motherboard and its socket connection. Since laptops generally don't require as much power as a desktop PC, mobile i7 chips are specially designed to run cooler and consume less power. If you're seeking efficiency, compatibility is definitely important, but keep in mind that performance is why you're shopping for an i7 CPU.