Enjoy Working in Silence with a Fanless PC

Almost all of the noise that you hear coming from your PC or laptop is generated by the machines fans working hard to keep components cool. With fanless PC technology, users can enjoy working in a distraction-free environment thanks to the silent operation of their computer. On eBay, you will find a wide selection of new and used fanless laptops and desktops, at a range of prices that suit every budget.

How do fanless PCs keep cool?

Fanless PCs use parts that are designed to generate as little heat as possible. Also, the process of conduction allows any heat generated to dissipate through physical contact. For optimal heat conduction, heat generating parts, such as the CPU, are placed into contact with a heat sink, which efficiently conducts heat away from the inside of the PC, and through its casing, so that it can dissipate into the air.

What are the benefits of fanless PCs?

As well as their silent operation, fanless PCs offer a number of benefits including:

  • Compact size: With no fans taking up space, and no need to leave air around inner components for cooling, fanless PCs can be made to take up very little room.
  • Energy efficiency: With fewer moving parts, and parts that are designed to use as little energy as possible, fanless PCs use less energy than their counterparts with fans.
  • Cleanliness: On standard PCs, some fans blow air outwards, while others suck air inwards. This can result in debris being either sucked into the computer or being blown outwards around the workspace.
  • Durability: Two main factors make fanless PCs more durable. First, fewer moving parts mean fewer things to fail, and, secondly, they do not have vents through which outside particles can enter and damage the internal parts.
Where are fanless computers used?

As advances in technology are making fanless computers increasingly affordable, they are appearing in more and more homes and workplaces. There are some locations, however, where the lack of a fan makes them particularly useful:

  • Hospitals: Fanless PCs are used in operating theatres because they are more hygienic than PCs with fans.
  • Building sites: Due to their resistance to dust and other particles.
  • Small Workspaces: Where their compact size allows users to make the most of available space.