Camping Generators

Camping Generators and Heaters

Tents may be designed to keep the rain and wind out, but most do not have much insulation and they can get cold. We are never far from electronic devices and having a power source to use in a tent is a way to keep items charged, or to allow yourself a few electrical luxuries. Camping generators and heaters allow you to have some home comforts in your outdoor surroundings.

What to look for in a camping generator

A camping generator allows campers to bring many of the modern conveniences along, but consider how much power you are going to need by taking stock of what appliances and tools you are going to actually use. Some appliances and tools require a lot of start-up power; sensitive equipment like mobile phones and tablets should be powered by an inverter generator, rather than a standard one.

Portable generators with wheels are generally small, lightweight and easy to move around, so are flexible at providing electrical power at all times wherever you are. If your electrical equipment needs almost continuous power, then find out the generator's efficiency rating or run time to help you decide which camping generator is right for you. Finally, no one likes a noisy generator starting up at inconvenient times, so choose a camping generator with a low noise level.

What to look for in a camping heater

Camping can be a cold business, but a portable gas or electric heater can make those chilly mornings and evenings a lot more comfortable.

A small electric fan heater can easily help to warm a tent quickly and they offer convenience, as they are lightweight and easy to transport. Pick a heater that has a thermostat, which cuts out if it gets too hot.

With a portable gas heater it is essential to follow the safety instructions and ensure there is enough ventilation, including the use of a carbon monoxide monitor. You will need an adequate supply of gas, and to consider that there will be a naked flame, which could be a possible fire risk. They are great for heat on the go, providing fast, controllable heat.