Other Tennis

Tennis Equipment and Accessories

There is a wide selection of other tennis equipment and accessories available, whether you are looking to improve your game or simply increase your enjoyment. Whether you are looking for training equipment or protective tennis clothing, there are many options available.

Tennis training aids

Tennis training aids include practice nets, which come in a variety of sizes allowing you to find a net which best suits your space. Tennis practice and training nets are highly portable and easy to set up, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy a quick game of tennis in the garden or park. Portable tennis nets can also be used for other sports such as badminton, volleyball or even football training.

Shock absorbers fit onto the strings of your tennis racket and will help to absorb the shock caused when hitting a tennis ball . A shock absorber should enable more fluid shots and offer increased performance. Shock absorbers are versatile and can be fitted to any brand of racket.

Tennis accessories

Fitness sweatbands can help improve your comfort and performance when playing tennis. Sweatbands can be worn on the head to prevent sweat running onto your face and eyes or on the wrists to prevent sweat reaching your hands.

Racket tape and tennis grips are a great way to keep the handle of your tennis racket comfortable. Quality tennis racket tape will improve the amount of grip you have on your racket when playing. Different weights of tape are available to enable you to alter the weight distribution of your tennis racket as required.

Tennis towels are small enough to fit into a tennis bag and provide you with an ideal way to keep fresh and wipe away sweat during matches. Tennis bags are perfect for carrying a selection of rackets with you to the court.