Sun Beds & Booths

Develop a Golden Tan in Your Home with a Sunbed from eBay

A sunbed will tan your skin without you having to spend hours in the sun. On eBay, you’ll find a number of new and used sunbeds, all designed for personal use. Here are a few things that you need to know before buying an indoor tanner for your home.

How often can you use a sunbed?

The tanning process is different for each person. There are some factors, like skin type, that play into the process. If you tan on a regular basis, you will see results after a few sessions. These sessions also prevent your tan from fading. Most sunbeds recommend that you allow 24 hours between your tanning sessions. Some skin types even need a 48-hour break between tannings. You should never use the bed more than once per day. Repeat sessions will help you to build up your tan. In a year, you should not have more than 60 tanning sessions.

What sunbed brands are available?

There are many manufacturers that produce tanning equipment for home use. You can find a model with the right features for you. Some models have an automatic shutoff to prevent overexposure.

There are some sunbeds that can produce both UVA and UVB light. Some of these manufacturers include the following:

  • Philips
  • SunQuest
  • Ergoline
  • Bermuda Gold
  • Cosmetico
What is a sunbed?

A sunbed is a type of indoor tanning device. This device uses ultraviolet radiation to produce an even tan on your skin without exposure to the sun. You can find sunbeds in gyms, tanning salons, spas, hotels, and private residences. There are many tanning options on the market, which can suit a wide variety of preferences. The sunbed is typically a horizontal tanning device in which users lie down. Some tanning devices are vertical and known as stand-up sunbeds. Horizontal beds usually include a bench and a canopy. The canopy houses long fluorescent bulbs. When the lid is closed, you are surrounded by bulbs, which provide an even tan. Most beds emit UVA light.

Most beds allow users to set a timer for their desired tan. Tanning sessions should be long enough to allow the skin to reach MED (minimal erythema dose). These sessions will help you to build a gradual suntan. Each individual has a different MED, so session times will vary by user. The recommended maximum exposure time is around 15 to 20 minutes. Some beds use a higher-watt quartz bulb in their beds, which means these bulbs emit a stronger UVA than natural sunlight. Users of this bed are exposed to the light for shorter amounts of time.