Camping Tents & Canopies

Camping Tents and Canopies

There are a great range of camping tents and canopies available, suitable for everything from mountain hikes to summer festivals and family holidays to garden sleep overs.

Tents are canvas shelters usually distinguished from canopies by featuring both an inner sleeping area and a waterproof outer layer. Tents tend to feature plastic or fibreglass poles used to structure the tent, canvas inner and outer layers as the main structure and ground sheets, guide ropes, and metal tent pegs. Canopies tend to be designed to provide temporary shade and shelter. Some canopies such as awnings can also be fitted to the sides of campers, cars, or caravans to create temporary living space.

There are a great range of family tents available in a range of sizes and designs. Family tents tend to feature numerous private sleeping compartments and communal areas. Family tents are available from all of the major brands such as Vango , Conway, Outwell, and Coleman . Family tents are ideal for camping holidays or else for large groups of friends going to music festivals.

Two and three person tents are a classic camping tent and are perfect for festivals, hiking expeditions, and camping holidays. Two man tents are available from all of the major outdoor brands.

Hiking tents tend to be smaller and more compact, are made from durable weather resistant materials, and are easy to put up. Many outdoor companies produce hiking tents designed to be lightweight and compact.

Pop-up tents are easy to put up and to fold away. Pop-up tents are recommended as sun shades or fun garden toys rather than hiking or camping holiday tents.

Awnings are canvas shelters that are fitted to the side of a camper, caravan, or car. There is a wide range of awnings available and they are produced by the majority of the major tent companies.