Archery Sets & Kits

Archery is an impressive skill that has continued to evolve throughout history. When purchasing archery sets and kits, there are many different elements that you need to consider. Whether you are new to the sport or are an experienced hand, it is essential to find the right archery sets to suit your needs.

Types of archery bow

There are four main types of bow that you can purchase. A recurve bow has a distinctive curved shape which is designed to give the bow more power whilst requires less strength from the archer.

Another type of bow is a compound bow which uses an innovative system to give a powerful bow and enables the archer to hold a heavy draw. A compound bow can be quite cumbersome to use and does require a great deal of strength but can help to reduce muscle fatigue.

Longbows are a simple structure and possibly one of the oldest designs, comprised of a long piece of wood that is arced. Unlike the other bows, longbows do not offer the same types of power, and they do not have the same arrow rests which can make it harder to aim. These bows are great fun to learn to use and master the skill of accurate aiming.

Another form of bow is a crossbow, which has a horizontal bow as opposed to a typical vertical style. The arrow is released through a crank mechanism which means the crossbow can use a more substantial draw but typically a short firing range.

Once you have decided upon your archery bow, you then need to consider the brand of your archery set. Such as SF Archery who aim to improve your control and accuracy, Barnett who typically focus on crossbows and Aim Archery which is considered a premier supplier.