Presentation laser pointers

Laser pointers are an effective way to help make presentations clear and more understandable. This simple presentation tool highlights features and targets key points on a range of presentation equipment including projectors, monitors and flipcharts.

Laser pointers can also be used by builders and architects when pointing at items from a distance or on high ceilings. They can also be used for stargazing as the laser is clearly visible at night which makes it easier to point out stars and constellations.

Precision features

Laser pointers are useful for business meetings and presentations. The laser light helps to focus the attention of the audience and highlight certain aspects of the presenters talking points. This handy presentation tool is also super lightweight and easy to store in bags, pockets or desk spaces. They provide a constant wave of light, with many standard presentation laser pens ranging up to 1000 metres.

Professional laser pens offer other features such as laser ranges of up to 8000m and waterproof casing plus extras such as separate battery chargers which help to recharge in a few hours. They are easy to use with a simple push button to turn on and off automatically and many have power saving features and adopt the latest in optics and microelectronics technology.

Laser colours

Presentation laser pointers come in a variety of colours with the most popular choices in red, green and blue. Red laser pointers are often used for presentations for highlighting and emphasising important factors. Green laser pointers are also effective and provide a bright and precision point in low light situations.

Other presentation equipment

To create a powerful presentation, laser pointers are often used with an extensive range of presentation equipment. Office projectors, screens and monitors are just some of the elements in helping a presentation stand out.