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Martin dreadnought acoustic guitars for amateurs and professionals

C.F. Martin & Co., otherwise known as Martin Guitars, is one of the oldest and most well-respected guitar manufacturers in America. Established in New York City in 1833, it is responsible for honing the guitar-making craft with innovative design features and techniques that still influence the industry. 

The company's reputation is also founded on its dedication to the fine craftsmanship that was first used by its founders over 180 years ago. It's this combination of pioneering ingenuity and exceptional quality that has led to Martin Guitars being instrumental to the development of today's acoustic and electric acoustic guitars

This esteemed heritage also makes them the go-to guitar for professional musicians the world over. Glance into any recording studio and you're likely to see a few Martin models lined up and ready to play. They're also the instrument of choice for countless well-known pop, rock and country music artists, including Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg and Father John Misty. 

Martin guitar models

Of the many models developed by Martin Guitars, the classic dreadnought is arguably the best known. The original acoustic guitar, known as the D-28, was pioneered by Martin himself in the early 20th century. Instantly recognisable by its symmetrical shape and warm, spruce wood finish, it's a refined-looking piece. 

But as any player knows, a great guitar is defined by its sound quality. The large body cavity is shaped to create a louder, booming volume that still retains its rich and resonant tone. The fact that the this Martin acoustic guitar was famously played by Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain and Elvis is surely a testament to its superiority. 

The range of Martin Dreadnought acoustic guitars is varied. Amongst the well-known models, you'll also come across some extremely rare examples. Some popular models include limited edition guitars, such as the D-45 John Mayer, a fine piece crafted from spruce and rosewood, and the Eric Clapton edition electric acoustic.