Phenom II Computer Processors

Frequently Asked Questions about the AMD Phenom II Processor

If you want to upgrade an older CPU in your computer system or build a new computer system from scratch, then eBay makes it easy to select an affordable processor. The Phenom II is a family of multi-core processors designed and manufactured by AMD.

How do you choose the right processor on eBay?

Processors can differ in the following ways:

  • Number of Cores - The number of cores is indicated by the name. The X2 processors have two cores, the X3 processors have three cores, the X4 processors have four cores, and the X6 processors have six cores.
  • Clock Speed - The clock speed determines how much work can be done per core.
  • Memory Cache - The memory cache is a small pool of memory embedded in the CPU. When the processor makes a request for data, it will check the memory cache first before the main system RAM, thus speeding up memory access times slightly. There are typically two or three levels of memory cache. The CPU checks these levels in order.
  • Thermal Design Power - This is essentially the maximum amount of heat generated by the processor in watts that the cooling system can handle. If the processor has an “e” in its model name, then it’s a low-power version. If it has “u” in its name, then it’s an ultra low-power version.
How do you determine the processor’s compatibility with a computer?

The socket type determines how the processor connects to your motherboard. It also determines what kind of memory you can use with the processor. Make sure that you have the right motherboard before purchasing a CPU.

What are some features of the Phenom II processors?

The Phenom II is equipped with a suite of features. Here is what you need to know about them:

  • Turbo Core - AMD’s Turbo Core technology can boost the frequency of the processor by an extra 0.4 or 0.5 GHz when particularly demanding tasks are running. It is only activated when the processor is operating below its maximum limits.
  • Cool’n’Quiet - This technology can reduce the voltage and clock rate when the processor is idle.
  • 3DNow! - This technology can improve the performance of graphically demanding applications.
  • NX Bit - This technology prevents buffer overflow attacks from occurring.
  • AMD-V - AMD-V enables one platform to create multiple virtual systems.
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