Men's Gloves & Mittens

Whether you need a pair of mittens to keep out the cold or durable gloves to protect your hands from injury at work, it's essential to find something fit for purpose. Shopping by material or brand can certainly come in useful, but first you must decide what you need a pair of men's gloves or mittens for in order to make the right purchase.

Driving Gloves

If your hands are getting chilly behind the wheel or you want to feel stylish on the road – a quality pair of fleece-lined or suede driving gloves could be ideal. Choose a durable, comfortable material and you'll also have everyday gloves you can pull on when convenient.

For those who ride a motorbike, fitted, leather gloves will help to improve grip and prevent blisters and other abrasions. Cyclists will benefit from wind-resistant, waterproof styles.

Fingerless gloves

With men's fingerless gloves, you can keep your hands warm while carrying out practical tasks such as using your mobile phone. Gloves of this kind are available in all kinds of materials from acrylic to 100 per cent cotton, but if you want to keep your fingers covered at all times, touchscreen gloves are an excellent innovation.

Winter/thermal gloves

Numb fingers are not pleasant, but with men's winter gloves available in different sizes, there's no need to suffer. From on-trend leather gloves ideal for cold winter walks to padded ski gloves with Thinsulate insulation, you're sure to find something practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Work gloves

The type of men's work gloves you opt for will depend on what you do for a living and the level of protection required. From gloves made for combat to padded police gloves there are many styles available including waterproof latex gloves and heavy duty varieties. A risk assessment will help determine your needs.