Laptop Replacement Loose Keys

Laptop Replacement Loose Keys

Replacement loose keys for laptop keyboards are one of the most common repair buys for computer owners. Keys are prone to being ripped off a keyboard, as they are one of the most abused parts of a laptop . They can come off very easily after being dropped, struck by an object or being stood on.

Most standard keyboard keys will technically fit a vast majority of keyboards, but it is always best to buy brand specific to make sure it is an even fit both mechanically and aesthetically. It will also maintain the uniformity among your devices.

In addition to physical, entire keys being replaced, there are many types of sticker overlays, which can be used to replace worn or rubbed off numbers or letters on your keyboard. This may prove a cheaper option than replacing the whole key. If replacing the whole key cannot be avoided, then there are lots of entire replacement keys offered by brands such as HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba.

Keys also differ on occasion between the types of computer. Keys on a Dell Inspiron may be very different to the keys on an Alienware m17x r3, despite technically being made by the same manufacturer. In fact, those two do use very different keys because the Alienware has a backlit display with a multi-coloured keyboard which shines through the key itself. The letter, number or symbol on the key is actually see through, allowing the light through for aesthetic purposes. A Dell Inspiron key placed on an Alienware laptop keyboard would technically function, but would stick out like a sore thumb and be totally opaque.

The good news is that keys are relatively easy to replace. Laptop keyboard keys have more parts than computer keyboards , but they can still be put back by a novice with a bit of patience. When replacing the key, make sure the laptop is turned off for safety purposes so that the key does not unintentionally activate something on screen.